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Orikami (2016)

This was my first “real” game project. I say real because this time I had a team a goal and a deadline.


The project was originaly started by 3 game design students who were in charge of all aspects of the games development apart from the programming. This even included community management and I’ll explain why we had to do this further down.
My team mates were Aurélie Gleizes, Cindy Bourgeot and Anissa Tufail


We needed to complete a prototype of a game concept they came up with, to prove that it was feasible and entertaining. We also had the extra challenge of doing it in time for the Hits Playtime 2016 competition. This meant we had to follow various rules and milestones setup for the competition, this was why we needed to have some semblance of community management where we shared our progress and answered questions from interested players.


The project needed to be completed before June of 2016. I was brought onto the project in December 2015 but truly got to work in late January of 2016.

In the prototype we built, you play the role of deiti represented as a paper wolf trying to return to the heavens and help the other deities you meet on the way.
What that translates to gameplay wise is that the player has to go from level to level (there are 4 in total) trying to obtain a heart, which there are one of per level, and then return it to the animal spirit in that same level.
The level is presented as a square piece of paper (the main visual esthetic of the game is origami). Here is the fun part of the project, the hook if you will. In each level the goals the player is trying to reach aren’t simply accessible by jumping and you will have to use your ability to get to them. Your ability lets you fold the corners of the level, as if it were truly paper and use this to traverse various obstacles and reach your goal. You can also go through holes in the paper to reach the other side.

The following trailer we made might give you a better idea of what this means.

You can also download and play the prototype we submited. CLICK ME !

DISCLAIMER 1: There are a few bugs but can be completed without any problems so if you encounter something that you think is the right solution but a bug seems to stop you from doing it then there is another way around it.
DISCLAIMER 2: Apologies for the significant loading time, I counted 19 to 30 seconds so please be patient and enjoy.